Online Medical Consultation at your fingertips.

Get consultation in 30 minutes. Take the downloaded prescription to the medicine shop and buy the medicines. Live Doctor available 17 hours a day.


Following are some of the features on this consultation website.

Works everywhere

Whether you are on Mac, Windows, Android or IOS device, you can consult with Dr. Rupesh anywhere anytime.

Always available

While the website is up and running 24 hours a day, Dr. Rupesh needs to rest for few hours in a day. However, he is available for upto 18 hours a day to serve you better.


Book your appointment for any day you like and have a session for 30 minutes anytime of the day. The access is given for 24 hours. If you have some questions which you want to ask after consultation session, you can always come back and ask.

Complementary Medicine

Patients have their own preferences when it comes to medications. If you are looking for one western or a pure herbal medical prescription, just let us know during consultation session. We hold experience in both!


Consult with Doctor in text based chat. The system supports audio and image uploads, so that you can share recent medical reports or other documents.

Prescription Ready

Download the prescription from member area once your consultation session is over and doctor has finished filling up the medications. Take that prescription to the medical shop and get your medications.